Friday, October 12, 2018

1930's Vintage fan lamp

The Art Deco 1930's lamp has been converted to a lamp.

The fan has such a cool art deco design that it need to be saved and enjoyed for years to come. 

Bringing memories to light

wooden wheel foundry mold lamp

Wooden foundry mold turned into a lamp. 

This mold would have been for a pulley for a large belt drive unit. The base is a base weight from a vintage floor lamp. 

Bringing memories to light

1920's Jig saw lamp

1920's Companion Jig saw turned into a lamp.

This Jig saw has all original paint and just the perfect amount of wear to make it a work of art. Now it is a lamp and is lighting a man cave adding that industrial touch a man cave needs. 

Bringing memories to light

Football helmet lamp

Football helmet made into a lamp with a custom shade.

The custom shade has referee signals and play diagrams and is the prefect addition to the young boys night stand. 

Bringing memories to light


Vintage Toaster lamp

Vintage toaster made into a lamp, with custom shade.

Custom shade "Mom's Diner Open 24 Hrs" would make a great conversation piece on anyone's kitchen counter or table.

Bringing memories to light

Over sized Zippo type lighter lamp

Over sized Zippo type Lighter turned into a lamp.

This over sized 6 1/2" tall by 4 1/2" wide that we turned into a lamp with a flicker flame bulb. 

Bringing memories to light

Monday, August 27, 2018

Camera lights

montage of camera lights 

Brownie Hawkeye with led light, with remote with several settings.

Starflex Brownie with led light where flash should be, makes a great night light

Brownie 127 with led light 

Brownie Starmite II with LED where flash went 

Brownie Twin 20 with LED in flash spot

Brownie Reflex with LED light added 

 Kodak pop out camera with LED light with remote control\

Spartus press model with over-sized bulb

Argus 35mm body with C bulb 

Brownie No 2 Target box camera mounted on book, with custom shade

JE Brownie Jem Jr 120 mounted on book, with custom shade.

Old cameras make great decorations, no you can add function to them as well.


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Sunday, August 5, 2018

Tonka toys for big boys

Tonka toys that are now lights to bring those childhood memories into anyone's life. 

                                    Road grader with hard hat lamp shade 

       front end loader with hard hat lamp shade 

 Mobile crane with Edison bulb hanging from crane

  Tonka mini dozer with custom lamp shade

 Snorkel firetruck with flicker flame bulb 

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Vintage Waring rocket blender lamp

1930's Waring rocket blender up-cycled into a cool lamp.

 The original switch is now used to control the light.

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Friday, August 3, 2018

The rise of the Candlestick phones

Sometimes you come across a story so good that it needs to be retold. Here is one of these stories. 

While we were at a show this spring, we were approached by a couple and asked if we would be able to refurbish a pair of lamps that their grandfather had done a very long time ago. To be honest people ask us these type of questions all the time, and that is usually is the end of it . 

So we were surprised when we were contacted about restoring a pair of early 1900's candlestick desk phones that her grandfather had converted into lamps. But there was more to the story, not only had her grandfather repurpose  these phones before it was a thing. The phone lamps had been stored in a house that was flooded in the 2005 hurricane Katrina and were underwater for an extended amount of time. They were in bad shape, and she wanted them redone for her mothers birthday. 

Here are some before pictures of the phones

And this is the one that was in better shape.

So we love a good story and a chance to bring peoples treasured memories back to life, so we took the challenge. 

All of the innards were in the phones and everything was rusted solid, so these had to be removed. One phone had a box that we were able to rescue and reuse all parts of it after much care and refinishing. The other box had to have the base and top sections replaced. Both phones had to be stripped of all the rust and repainted or polished. After a good amount of work and adding a little of our style, while still honoring the original artists vision, we were able to return these to the family.

Here is a picture of our customers mother after receiving one of the phone lamps that her father originally made, and she did not even know had been save from Katrina. I think she looks happy, and we were told a few tears were shed.   

This is what make what we do so magical, when we can reconnect people with memories. 

"bringing memories to light" 

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