Sunday, November 4, 2018

Iona blender lamp

Iona blender turned into a lamp, adding the fake crushed ice and the LED lights gets the party started.

Bringing memories to light 

Teal blender lamp

Teal blender turned into a lamp with LED light at the bottom and the fake ice to complete the look.

Bringing memories to light 

White porcelain malt machine lamp

Vintage porcelain malt machine turned into a lamp.

Bringing memories to light 

Royal typewriter lamp

1940's Royal typewriter turned into a lamp with a custom typewriter shade. And the best part is that the typewriter still works. 


Bringing memories to light 

Tonka pickup truck lamp

No 22 Duluxe sportsman Tonka pickup truck turned into a lamp with custom lamp shade.

Bringing memories to light 

Sunbeam mixer lamp

Vintage Sunbeam mixer gets a new life as a lamp. 

Bringing memories to light

Tonka T9 dozer lamp

T9 Tonka dozer turned into a lamp with the hardhat lamp shade.

Bringing memories to light 

updated theater seats

These theater seats have been updated and refreshed to bring new life to the vintage beauties.

All the parts are original, everything was freshened up and the images on the seat backs were added. 

Slide projector lamp with custom shade

This vintage slide projector has found a new life as a lamp. The custom shade has images from vintage slides to complete the transformation. 


Bringing memories to light

Red skull with headphones lamp

This red skull is rocking out with the vintage headphones that have LED lights in the ear pads.

Bringing memories to light