Monday, December 29, 2014

Repurpose Sewing Machine lighting

Art Deco Sewing Machine turned into Lamp with USB charger outlet

Please click Here  for more information on a ordering a custom shade.

We decided to make this beautiful lamp for my mother in law for her Christmas present.
We took this art deco sewing machine and built a base for it in order to attach the piping for the lighting, on/off switch as well as the usb charger outlet.

The base was heat transfer with the saying "A quilt block a day keeps the sad face away" my mother in law loves making quilts so the saying worked perfectly.

For the shade I found this beautiful saying "One who sleeps under a quilt is comforted by love" also on The graphic fairy I found beautiful vintage images that would work wonderful for the shade. Images were printed and decoupaged inside of the shade.

Note: When the lamp is turned off you can not see the images on the shade.
Mom loved her present so much, it was the best Christmas!

In loving memory of Peggy Weir, mother, friend, quilter. 

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  1. My husband is interested in making a lamp similar to this for me out of an antique sewing machine, and he doesn't want to drill through the machine. Could you share how the piping was made and how it attaches to the back of the base?

    1. Hello, on this one I used a pipe flange. But we a newer design that we are now using.
      We have designed and sell a lamp base that has a magnet at the bottom and can be attached and removed as desired. We also sell various sewing themed shades. Please feel free to send us an email @ and I can send you more information.