Repurpose Items

Old door into entry table with mirror.

Tractor grill table lamp.

Old tractor radiator into a mirror.

Vintage movie projector into a lamp.

Cultivator wheels into lamps.

Pipe lamp with wood gear base.

High voltage insulator into lamp with pipe fittings.

Vintage blender into a lamp.

Aircraft rods into lamps with pipe fittings.

Snare drum and cymbal lighting.

Vintage Christmas tree stand with added crystals
and mason jar into a unique chandelier.

Water pump with crystals as water dripping table.

Old door and chair backs into a hall tree bench
 with gym baskets for storage.

Antique headboard and footboard into a bench with storage.

Headboard and footboard into a bench.

Headboard and chair into a bench.

Sewing base into a table.

Mirror frame into chalkboard.

Wood table top with sewing legs into a table.

 Console table with piping legs.

 Antique Jenny Lind spindle spool headboard, church pew seat,
 door on sides, bottom self with gym baskets.

 Industrial base into butcher block table.

Industrial base into butcher block table.

Spool coffee table with pipe fittings.

Painting frame into chalkboard.

 Headboard and footboard into a bench.

 Vintage movie projector into a lamp.

 Industrial chair into funky tractor seat.

 Rack made from pallets great for herb garden.

 The Skeletal System made from pallets.

 Small rack made from pallets.

 Mirror frame into chalkboard.

 Blender into a lamp.

Cedar bench with scrap steel legs.

65 Chevy truck bench

Solid wood turned into a bench

Dresser turn kitchen island with decoupage drawers.

Refurbish Items

Shabby chic stool.

Shabby chic bookcase.

Shabby chic dresser.

Shabby chic carbon trace hand painted table.

Carbon trace hand painted stool.

Shabby chic entry table.

Shabby chic dresser antique white color.

Shabby chic stool antique white color.

Shabby chic corner table.

Shabby chic dresser emerald color with gold accents.

Shabby chic table antique white.

Carbon trace stain flower on wood top.

Carbon trace hand painted image.

Carbon trace hand painted image.

Shabby chic green church pew.

Decoupage Kodascope box. 

Carbon trace and painted coffee table image from The graphic fairy.

 Shabby chic table with hand painted crown on wood top.

 Chalked mannequin.

Shabby chic table with mirror on wood top.

 Art deco inspired table

Chalked and painted school desk

Vintage ornate chair

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