Friday, June 8, 2018

Bringing Memories to Light

We recently had the honor of being asked to turn a family's treasured items into lights, here is the story. 

At a local show that we were participating in, we had a woman approach us and said that see had some items that she would like to see if we could turn into lamps. She showed us a large box with a couple sets of football cleats and several football trophies from here husbands high school and college days. She also had an 8mm projector that was used by her family.   

Of course we were honored that she would entrust us with theses items. So now we had to come up with a design for them that made sense, but did not require the items to be permanently affixed ( our requirement, not the customers in case later on someone did not want these items in a lamp). Also the custom lamp shades needed to be created. 

We were able to deliver the Lopasky football lamps last week. It is a very humbling experience to be able to present a finished product that will allow a family to interact with items that have always been precious, but in a box in the garage before.  Now they can display them in a place of prominence and they become the conversation piece that allows the memories to live forever.

back of shade 

 back of shade

Custom projector shade

This is the text that we got from the customer
"Shannon & Myriam, I just wanted to tell you that my boys absolutely loved the lamps you made for them from their Dad’s trophies and cleats.  They loved your idea and the way it was all arranged.  Loved our name on the base and thought the shade was amazing.  This is such a special way for them to remember their Dad, and I can’t thank you enough for your creativity and how perfect it all turned out. They also thought the projector and shade was so cute, but I told them this was staying at My House!  Thank y’all again, your work is amazing!!!    Shirley" 

It is a great felling to be able to create ways for people to be able to interact with their memories.

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