Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Customer submitted photos

This post will be reserved for customer photos that we have been receiving. It is nice to be able to see the creations that we have made in their new home.

GEM lamp

Blender lamp

Coffee bar 

Console cabinet 

Dinning Table

Movie projector lamp

Cultivator lamp

Airplane engine crank shaft lamp

Drum lamp

Industrial spool side tables

Industrial spool ends made into side table tops. 

The french image inspired from vintage signage, were heat transferred onto the tops. Clear Polyurethane provides a protective seal and the pipe legs are the perfect support.

Brownie camera Lamp

1940's Brownie Target Six-16 camera turned into a lamp. The camera is mounted to a book as the base and can be stacked on other books to create many different looks.

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Friday, May 19, 2017

1965 impala SS trunk lid console table

This is one of those pieces that speaks to you. That is, we picked up this trunk lid for a 1965 Impala a couple of years ago.  It had the look and we know that it would be a great piece, but as what? I had walked past this trunk in the barn so many times and then one day it spoke to me, "I'm a console table".

So, here is my interpretation of a 1965 Impala SS trunk lid console table. I cut the trunk and used the other part for a back and added shelves. The taillights are lite with LED's that are on a remote that lets you make them blink and brighten or dim. The base is all custom made hand bent flat bar. There is a surge protector mounted underneath, so you have a place to plug in your phone charger. This is the ultimate man cave statement piece for a car guy.


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Vanity with lollipop mirror

Depression era vanity with lollipop mirror, that has undergone a major face lift.

Trumpet Lamp with custom shade

Vintage trumpet that will be making any music room light up.

A custom shade is the bee's buzz on this lamp set up. The shade is the trumpet sheet music for the flight of the bumblebee (in french , no less) and the awesome bumblebee image. like all of our custom shades the image is not seen when the lamp is off. 

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Spartus Full-Vue camera light

We took this fun vintage camera, and turned it into a LED light with full function remote control.

Vintage Camera lamp / nightlight

Starmite brownie vintage camera transformed into a decorative lamp that can be used as a nightlight.

This cute lamp uses a LED light and it is controlled via remote with several brightness and mode settings 


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Small Coffee Pot lamp

Vintage Coffee pot turned into a lamp, with custom coffee themed lamp shade.

The custom lamp shade was made with vintage coffee can graphics.

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