Thursday, June 22, 2017

Barn door pallet TV console

This is a custom made pallet wood barn door TV console.

This one measures 72" wide x 18" deep x 38" tall. 

The outside is all covered in reclaimed pallet wood. The hinges, handles and metal rail are all made by us. The piece has hidden wheels that allow easy movement.

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Display cabinet console table

Someone ask us if we wanted to take the remains of a glass display cabinet, after a customer broke the top piece of glass. 

The cost to replace the glass top was too high, so he just wanted to get rid of it. We were happy to take it off of his hands, so we removed all the remaining glass and loaded it up. The drawers all had locks but no keys, so we pulled the locks and took them to a local locksmith. We did luck out and all the locks were keyed the same.

For the top we added a new piece and the same type for the shelf underneath. These drawers were on the backside of the display cabinet and were used to store items that were in the display (the customer did not see the drawers normally). We added the pipe legs and lettering on the drawer fronts. 

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Tonka firetruck lamp

Vintage Tonka firetruck turned into a lamp. 

With the addition of a flicker flame bulb for irony.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Sewing machine lamps

A client asked if we could make lamps out of two of her vintage sewing machines. One was for her and the other was for her sister (her sister even gets first pick).

She ending up supplying us with a Cinderella sewing machine and a Davis with the treadle base drawers. 

We make the custom shades, we can add a different saying on the front to customize it to the clients sewing interests. click on link below to get more information on ordering shades. 

or email us 

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Trombone lamp

A customer asked if we could make a lamp from her brothers Trombone, so she could give it as a gift to her mother.

She wanted it smaller in size than what the Trombone was originally, so it will not take up too much space.

This is the reason that we do what we do? Today we got this email form our client.

"I have been going non-stop trying to get back in my house and dealing with my mom being in the hospital.  Got her home today and actually gave her the horn for her house so she could see it all the time.  She was very emotional (my brother died in a car accident at 16) and loved it.  She didn’t even realize I had it all these years"

The fact that we can take an item and create a light so people can interact with that piece from their past and enjoy it on a daily basis. What a blessing to be able to make this happen for our clients.

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Canopy bed turned into a bench

This is a customer supplied antique canopy bed that has been in family a very long time. She did not want to get rid of it but also did not have use for it in the current form.

Above is a picture that she sent us to see if we could make a bench from this bed. The issues that she needed addressed was , it was too tall (8 ft tall at the post), too wide over 4 1/2 ft wide, wanted different color. The room she envisioned it going into was the guest room and it had no closet, so she wanted some rails around the top for guest to hang clothing. We ended up cutting it down to 3 ft wide and just under 6 ft tall with antique white and a dark stain. 

(yes the paint scheme was based on the horse "Frankie" in the background)

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Vintage hat block- puzzle beret- millinery - vintage hat form

We were approached by a fellow vendor at the spring Red Potatoes market days event about making a custom lamp.

The item that she wanted made into a lamp was a 1955 vintage puzzle beret hat form.

She had some ideas, but was willing to defer to our creativity. Myriam, the one that makes all of our stuff look awesome, knew exactly the base that she wanted to use. My job was to make her vision work, and keep the integrity of the piece.

I decided to install two LED lights on the underside of the form, and hide the remote control module inside the wooden part. We painted the vintage candle stick lamp base black and sanded and stained the wooden mold.

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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Industrial bearing housing wooden foundry mold lamp

This vintage wooden foundry mold for a large bearing housing was set atop of a Victorian plant stand and pipe was added to accent the industrial feel. 

Vintage high heel wooden shoe last lamp

This vintage wooden high heel last has been mounted to a wooden base and added a Edison bulb to keep the vintage feel.

This design lets the shoe last/mold be the focus of this lamp.

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Vintage malt mixer lamp

1920's Hamilton Beach malt mixer turned into a lamp

The mixing cup had a few holes added to the bottom to defuse the light. It is lite with a LED light bulb so the metal cup does not heat up.

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