Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Fan or kindred spirit?

Sometimes the things that catch you off guard are the best. That is what happened to us last weekend, we were caught completely off guard by what happened.

We had been out picking all morning at the local city wide garage sale. We filled the truck and in fact had to go back with the trailer to pick up a really big piece. We should have stopped and cleaned up before taking our latest creations to the shop, but we were just going to be in and out, right? 

We had brought a new chandelier and a small piece of furniture. While making sure that the new items looked good in our space, someone stopped by our booth and informed us that he was very excited to meet us. So starts the off guard part, and this is just the beginning. Joe, introduces himself and informs us that he has purchased several of our lamps and that he has them prominently displayed in his house. We talk about the lamps that he purchased, one is the Curtiss Wright R3350 radial engine master control rod below.

Another is a cultivator wheel lamp and he commented on the pleasing shadowing that it cast on the wall, as pictured below.

During our conversation it is revealed that we have in fact purchased items from Joe also. Without knowing we had been buying items that Joe has been letting go from his collection. The small world starts to come to mind, or is it that kindred spirits of the junkers tribe are drawn to the same flame?

What happens next is definitely a first and caught us off guard the most. Joe actually asked if he could take a picture with us. What? Who? With Us? Of course we agreed, even in our been picking all day look, what an honor to have someone want to have a picture of the artist that created his lamps. (joe is in the middle) 

So back to my original question. Does this make Joe a fan or kindred spirit?

We like to feel that the junker family members are all kindred spirits of a sort. We might have different approaches, and the junk might have different meanings to each of us, but we all can see something more than what it might be, we see what it can be.

Did I mention, someone asked to take a picture with us? How cool. Someone gets what we do and likes it enough to want it in their home. I will say it again, How cool is that. 


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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Refurbished Dry Wash Cabinet

We found this dry wash cabinet in very sad shape, with the top split in 3 pieces and the back splash missing. 

With some hard work and some good wood glue, we were able to rescue a lovely piece that was headed for the trash. The new back splash was made from the side panel of a Hoosier cabinet that did not make it. 

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