Sunday, May 3, 2015

Kitchen Island or Coffee Bar ?

This is one of those awesome times when you get to see your creation connect with a customer. 

Well it might be better to let them do the talking. Here is a text that we got this morning from a great couple that recently purchased one of our pieces a few weeks ago. 

Here is a photo of our Kitchen Island transformed to a Coffee Bar. We have been so happy with your design that we are now remodeling our kitchen to match the Coffee bar. I have posted this on my Facebook page and have had a great response to your work. Thanks again and looking forward to seeing more creative offerings from 3 Spurz. 

Jeff & Debby

This is the before and after picture of the kitchen island 

Jeff & Debby feel in love with the island, but they were looking for a coffee bar and the overhang in the back would not allow it to fit in the space that they had planed for the coffee bar.So to fix the issue we had Ken @ D&S Antiques remove the top on cut off the overhang so it would fit and now they are using that piece as a back splash for the coffee bar. I love it when everything works.

We look forward to being able to show more of our creations in their new homes in the future.

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