Saturday, November 14, 2015

Wooden Spool pipe leg coffee table DYI

What says industrial better than a wooden spool top burned to bring out the grain, with pipe legs? 

So how we did it.We started with a 36" spool top. First check the spool well and make sure that there is not anything that will hurt someone sticking out. Next step, get a good char on the top. I use a roofing torch that hooks up to your grill propane tank. 

Make sure to get it dark, as it will lighten up during the next step. Now comes the sanding, you will need to start out with a 150 grit and the paper will fill up fast from all the charring, so you will need to use several sheets. when it is closer to the colors that you are looking for, switch to 220 grit and get the top smooth as possible. Next you will want to seal the top with a clear sealer (no stain needed). We use a water based poly from Minwax.

Lastly, we build the pipe legs and attach them. For the legs, we use 3/4" pipe fittings. you will need the following 4 floor flanges, 1 cross, 4 elbows 90°, 4 couplings, 4 pipe nipples 12"(these attach to the cross and elbows), 8 pipe nipples 6"(these attach to the elbows then the couplings then second nipple then floor flange). You can change the nipple lengths to change the height. The pipe and fittings that I used are black (not galvanized), and as such they will have a light coating oil to protect them, you can leave just the oil, or you might want to clean off the oil and seal them with a clear coat spray paint. 

The result is an awesome table that has a ton of personality that is 36" od x 17" tall.  

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